Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #4

Hello Basketball World, once again this is Kyle Anderson here to tell you how my week went. Let me first say that we are off all week from school and it feels great! Last weekend I went to Portland and played in the President's Day All American Tournament. I played with my 8th grade AAU Team the Long Island Lightning. We are currently ranked 5th in the nation but sure didn't prove it. I played well in the tournament and so did our team but unfortunately not well enough to rep our #5 national ranking. Our team took the Silver division but I think we were one of the top teams in the tournament. I thought and I'm sure I proved, I was one of the top players in the tournament. We didn't make it out of our pool so we decided to destroy whoever came in front of us from then on. I got home on Tuesday and up til Friday I was just Maxin' and Relaxin'.

My next event last week was a workout on Friday with shooting guru Kent Kuluico. Kent played at James Madison and in his senior year lead the nation in 3 point percentage. We worked on form shooting, shooting off the move and keeping a good athletic stance. I plan on doing some more work outs with Kent in the future. I'm convinced he really did and really will improve my shooting. I also went to watch my future high school team, PATERSON CATHOLIC win their county championship game vs. Eastside High School. Saturday night I had a game in Paterson in the 8 is Enough League. The league is run by the Playaz Basketball Club. We had two games and split them. We beat Wayne PAL and we lost to MSU Skyliners. They have a kid named Jahmal Lane who is real good. Look for his name in the future. I ended my week on Sunday with an I.S.8 CHIP in Queens New York. Once again I was playing with the Long Island Lightning and we took the 16U Division, 'BOUT TIME! Later that night I played with my brothers in the Fair Lawn Mens League. That was my last game for the week. It was a Great week! Til next time, LATER!