Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coaches Corner Feat. Lloyd Daniels (LD Rebels)

We at Basketball Spotlight understand the rigorous life of an AAU basketball coach. Most of their efforts go without instant rewards therefore we decided to give them their own venue to talk about their programs and other issues. Welcome to the Coaches Corner!

BS: Lloyd you’ve had your program for years what’s new going on in the LD Rebels Camp.
LD: Well Mike I decided to young so I have a 10U and 11U squad as well as my high school team.

BS: What made you decide to go young?
LD: Well it’s time for me to coach my son little Lloyd and I feel that the youngsters really need work on their fundamentals.

BS: What are some of the events that you guys are going to this season?
LD: Well my young guys are just going to stay local while I put more emphasis into my high school players because it’s scholarship time for those guys.

BS: So I hear that you might be coaching that talented 7th Grade bunch for the JS Fliers?
LD: Well nothing is confirmed yet I was contacted by their people and we just have to sit down and work some things out.

BS: So how good is Little “Lloyd”?
LD: I think he has bright future but like any other player I was always stress to him that he has to work very hard. Working hard is the only way to get better.

BS: Good Luck this season!
LD: Thanks Mike!