Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coaches Corner Feat: Hassan Muhammad (Educated Athletes)

We at Basketball Spotlight understand the rigorous life of an AAU basketball coach. Most of their efforts go without instant rewards therefore we decided to give them their own venue to talk about their programs and other issues. Welcome to the Coaches Corner.

BS: How and when did you start yor program?
HM: Well about 4 or 5 years ago I linked up with my assistant coach Howard Hudson. He had some good players and I had some good pieces so we thought it was a good idea to put them together.

BS: What’s the goal of your program?
HM: First our goal is to make these young men productive citizens in our society. Then my dreams is for all these guys to get high school education and get college scholarships. A free education is something that’s very rare in our environment.

BS: Name some of the top players in your program?
HM: Well we don’t recognize our players as individuals. Any player on our team can score 20 points, grab numerous rebounds or make big defensive plays on any given night. That’s why I tell any tournament director that we don’t accept MVP trophies or any individual accolades.

BS: Well name me some of the top players from the past?
HM: Well the older group had Kenny Trippett (Drexel), Charlie Swiggett (Wisconsin/Milwaukee) and Noel Wilmore (George Washington).

BS: What top tournament did your squad win over the years?
HM: Well we won our AAU Regional on numerous occassions, we also won the Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic twice and did damage in many national invitaional events.

BS: What tournaments are you guys traveling to this year?
HM: We will be traveling to the Lebron James Classic, Maryland Invitational, Rumble In The Bronx, Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic and the AAU Nationals.

BS: What’s your most memorable moment thus far with this bunch?
HM: I just like the way these guys have grown since they were 9 years old and see them having fun on the road. Laughing, crying and just having so much fun as kids. They don’t get jealous of each other and always hope for the best in their teammates.