Monday, February 4, 2008

Mike Melton Flashback: Tyreke Evans 1st Diary

Introducing Tyreke Evans a 6’4 freshmen guard from American Christian School in Aston, Pennsylvania brings the first installment of his Player Diary to Tyreke ranks as one of the top 5 Freshman basketball prospects in the country, and will bring us a special look inside his recruitment, and his life on and off of the basketball court.

When a player scores 27 points against a future pro (Loul Deng), destroys a Reebok Camp and wins a National Championship (AAU) it seems like a credible feat. But when you throw in he accomplished all of this before entering 9th grade then it’s unbelievable. The player that I’m referring to is Tyreke Evans a 6’4 guard from American Christian School in Aston, PA. After watching Tyreke dismantle opponents with my own eye’s I decided to share the wealth. In an effort to keep the NJ and NY area updated on Evan’s endeavors we have decided to post a periodical diary produced by the Freshmen Phenom himself.

New Jersey and New York Introducing Tyreke “The Beast” Evans!


Hey what's up, my name is Tyreke Evans and I'm a 6'4 Freshman Guard at American Christian School in Ashton, Pa. I'm from Chester, Pa home of Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic. Jameer is a close friend of my brother Eric, and he's helped me with my basketall game.

Right now I'm ranked as one of the top 5 Freshman in the country. has me ranked Number One and Hoop Scoop recently told my coaches that I'll be Number Two behind Korie Lucious of Wisconsin. Since this summer a lot of good things have happened to me, first I went to Camp Next at Fairleigh Dickinson and was voted the top player there over a lot of great players.

Second my AAU team The Reebok Raiders won the 14 & Under National Championship in Orlando, Florida. That was probably the highlight of the summer because we beat some really good teams like Master P's team which won the championship the year before. In that game Little Romeo tried to guard me one play, I crossed him up so bad he almost fell, I always think about that when his Video is on T.V. I had 29 points 12 rebounds and 7assists in that game. Then we beat Korie Lucious team in the championship and I had 24 points, I was voted Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. I also led the entire tournament in scoring with an average of 28 points a game.

My high school team season just started this past weekend, some people might think that I'll be nervous because I'm a Freshman, but I played varsity as an Eighth Grader and averaged 18 points. We played two games this past weekend and went 1-1. The first game we lost to Abington Friends, which has two 6'9 players and is ranked as one of the top ten teams in Philly, I had 24 points and 5 assists. The second game we beat Philadelphia Math & Science, I had 28 points 10 rebounds and 8 assists.

Before I go I want to acknowledge some of the people who've been important to me, first my mother Bonita Evans, my father John Holmes, my brother Reggie who's always been there for me, my brother Eric (Pooh) Evans who's always helped me with my game, my brother Julius (Doc) Evans who's alway offered me support, and my brother Dion for looking out for me. I also want to shout out my boys Nasir Robinson and Karron Burton who play at American Christian and live in Chester with me. Thanks for listening to me and I'll talk to you next week.

Tyreke "Reke" Evans