Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Jarrett Dingle

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Division had a lot of regional talent. Here’s a look at our top performers Part 1. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Jarrett Dingle Guard (NY Rivals/ECE)- Dingle is a star in the making. He is fairly unknown but Dingle is making a big splash on the basketball circuit; He is becoming one of the top guards in his class. This weekend at the Memorial Day Classic Dingle played big in every big moment. Jarrett has the ability to score on all three levels; and finish through contact. He is automatic from the free throw line that makes him even more dangerous on the court.

Korbyn Samuels Guard (NY Rivals/ECE)- Samuels has grown into a tremendous floor general. His ability to get to the rim and kick to open shooters is incredible. He finishes through contact and has ability to finish over the rim. Samuels is tough New York guard that never backs down and is always attacking the defense.
Justin Bonsu Guard (NY Rivals/ECE)- Bonsu is one the best shooters in his class. Bonsu proved why he is considered an elite shooter in the semifinal game by erasing a 9 point deficit in the final minutes of the game. Bonsu seems to have limitless range and is good piece for the NY Rivals.
Davin Grady Guard (NY Rivals/ECE)- Grady is a great on ball defender for the Rivals. His on ball pressure is tremendous and probably defensive leader of the team. Grady also has the ability to knock down open shots with ease. Davin is a very important part of the puzzle to the team.
Jalen O’Brien Forward (NY Rivals/ECE)- O'Brien has the ability to be a very good shot blocker. O’Brien stands around 6’5 and is becoming an elite rim protector. He has a soft touch around the basket and developing a very nice mid range shot.
Brandon Bennett Guard (Team Spartan)- Bennett is a very good floor general that makes easy for his teammates to be in scoring position. He has a very strong frame that absorbs contact when attacking the rim. He is a very aggressive defender that that makes it very tough for opponents to bring the ball up the floor.
Zion Simmons Guard (Team Spartan)- Simmons is the engine that makes the Spartans go on offense. His ability to knock down the long ball makes it easy for his teammates to attack the rim. He came up big for the Spartans in the semifinal game. Simmons also has a tremendous motor on the court.
Mark Garroud Guard (Team Spartan)-Garroud is a very tough player that knows how to get where he wants to get on the court. His ability to handle the pressure helps to put his teammates in easy scoring position. He has a very good mid range shot that is very consistent.
Oluwakoleade “KO” Osinobi Forward (Team Spartan)- KO is a very intriguing prospect because of his size and his ability defend at his position. KO is very athletic and has a tremendous engine that is always on go. He can also get to the rim at will and usually finishes through contact.