Friday, October 23, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Sonny Lorenzo (Westchester County) Entry #1

What up bball spotlight its Sonny Lorenzo. You may know me from the T.V. show Gotti’s Way or as most people know me as Irv Gottti’s son, I also want to be known for being a great basketball player . I love playing basketball, like school and girls. I just wanted to share my family with you and most importantly talk about my basketball and school life. Debbie which is my mom is very supportive about basketball with me and my little bro JJ. My dad Irv or as you know him as Irv Gotti the producer or CEO of Murder INC. plays a huge part in my basketball life. He pushs me because he wants me to be the best. He is also very supportive. I am also a middle child I have a big sister named Angie who is also very supportive and helpful. And then I have a little brother named JJ that looks up to me for support and guidance. I have about 30 cousins which is cool and a load of fun. I love my family and my life. My AAU team broke up so I am undecided on what aau team I am going to play for.

I had a lot of fun this summer because I was playing what I love the whole time . Basketball. First I went to Coach Boyle’s basketball camp which was fun because I met the whole St. Pats team like the top senior Kyrie Irving and top junior Michael Gilchrist which was cool and they are all hilarious. It was a sleep away camp so the schedule for the day was to wake up, eat breakfast, drills, then play games, eat lunch, drills again, rest, play another set of games then dinner, rest, drills, then the last set of games, then take a shower, be in our cabins by 10:05 p.m, then lights out at 10:30. The next day the same exact schedule. That was all fun and I didn’t want to leave. Then I went to Las Vegas with my aau team to finish up the season. This trip was a lot of fun because we played games non-stop and we stayed out there for a few more days after the tourney to celebrate my 13th birthday. I am the youngest one on my team which is fun and tough because I play up a level and still compete against the toughest teams in the country which is fun and the tough part about it is that since everyone is a year or like 8 to 10 months older than me. Some players are bigger, stronger and faster than me but I have to keep up. But it’s fun playing 1 year up. In this tourney we came in third place losing to the team Below The Rim. This lose was most defineftly an upset because we were 100 times better then this team I guess they just wanted it more than we did.

The last thing I did this summer that was really fun was that I hung out with my uncle Wes or the Don Wes himself. He is the most powerful guy in basketball and helped many NBA players like LeBron James, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose etc. to the NBA and hopeful he could help me with my basketball career. On the court he yells and screams his butt off but off the court he is a cool uncle. While meeting up with Uncle Wes I meet up with Michael Gilchrist again he is really funny and is like a cousin cause I knew him since he was a freshman in high school…my dad and I would always go to his games.While we were down there both Mike and I meet and worked out with NBA player Eddy Curry, college guard Mustapha Farrahkan who plays for Virginia and a lot of D- league players. I was so excited to workout with them…I couldn’t believe I was working out/ playing ball with grown men. While staying at uncle Wes’s house in New Jersey I had responsibilities which included making my bed, eat breakfast, do the physical workout for about two hours then do the basketball workout for about 2 hours, both workouts were hard and challenging at times . Jerry Powell the best basketball trainer workout Mike Mustpha, Eddy Curry , myself and the other players . Jerry is the real deal and is like a second dad to me , he pushs me so hard because he wants me to make it and he believes in me. After working out Mike, Uncle Wes and I would go to the beach hang out then at night I would have dinner then Mike and I would go to the boardwalk which had fun rides. Mike thought the boardwalk rides were’nt scary but believe it or not he was screaming on every single ride. Then it would be the same routine for the rest of the month. After all of the hard work I would go play summer league ball with my teammates Isiah Ice and Cheddi Mosley and these games were the play off. The most intense game we played was when we played a sixteen and under team in Brooklyn we played a guy named John Severe. This guy was good and a problem for our team but we had to compete even though the team was much older than us but that didn’t matter we played hard and almost won that game. It was a good game and a great experience.

This is your man Sonny Lorenzo saying goodbye and peace.