Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Basketball Spotlight To National Spotlight: Mike Gilchrist

Gilchrist At Clash For The Cup

Before Mike Gilchirst reached the National Spotlight he played at Basketball Spotlight!

Mike Gilchrist is currently the unanimous choice as the #1 junior in the country. Many recruiting experts list him as the top player regardless of class. Years ago Mike played in the original Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup (Philly Vs. Jersey) as a rising 8th Grader. Back then I gave him “The Stamp” as being a certified stud and as you can see it came to reality. Gilchrist stars for national power St. Patrick’s and AAU powerhouse Team Final. He’s currently considering Kentucky and Villanova for college. We wish Mike and his family the best. Check out this video of Mike from the Clash For The Cup all the way through high school. Are you the next Gilchrist? Come To The Spotlight!

Gilchrist Highlights