Sunday, October 4, 2009

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosley (Delaware) Entry #1

Basketball Spotlight welcomes Anthony “Champ” Mosley of Deleware to Diary Of A Baller. LL Hoops currently has Champ ranked as the #2 8th Grader in the state. Mosley plays the guard spot for DC Assault and here’s his first entry.

What's up Bballspotlight it's “Champ” in a diary for a baller. The month of September was an excellent month for me. School started at Central Middle and I was excited to get back to being a scholar-athlete and getting reunited with my school friends. Also this month, I got invited and participated in the DE Top 40 Showcase for High School boys grade 9 thru 12 as a 8th grader . It was a great experience. They took the top 40 from each class and split them into 4 teams. They then took the top 20 and played a class all-star game. Finally they took the top ten from that class all-star game to play the top 10 all-stars from the next class. It was cool, I advanced all the way to the last game against the 10th graders and scored about 15 points and had like 6 assists. Although my team ended up losing by 8 points to the 10th graders, It was great to play with and against Shep Garner the Mid-Atlantic player of the year nominee. Hopefully they will invite me back next year it was fun.

The day after the showcase, I began my first workout with my AAU team, DC Assault since the end of summer. In the workout, we did a few drills to help with our footing. Then we did drills that improved our shot. After that we tried out some offensive drills. At last, we did my favorite part of practice: scrimmaged. After the workout we went to visit my Aunt Michelle in DC and ate crabs and squid with her. Well I got to go tune in next week for whats up in a baller's life.