Friday, July 6, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #44

What's up basketball world? 

It has been a great week full of basketball, fun and family. I must say my dad and I have been working really hard to improve my game. Lately my brother has been working hard as well. He has so much talent and he is starting to grow a lot also. My dad has implemented mandatory 2 a days for the remainder of the summer and that has been very challenging. 

Monday we went to the gym early and shot 500 jump shots and I could not miss. We do a drill from 10 feet out to 20 feet where my dad requires that my brother and I make at least 7 out of 10 or we have to do a sprints until we make at least 70 shots from each key spot on the court. My brother shot it really well also. I sometimes cannot believe how well my brother shoots the ball for someone who could put more effort in. He is getting better and better each day but I feel l like he could work a lot harder at the game. My dad says he has been around it for so long that he just picks things up just from being in the gym. I guess he still works harder than most, just not me. I want to be the hardest working kid in the world. I really love being in the gym, especially with my dad. 

Tuesday I worked out with Eric, former assistant coach at Saint Pat's NJ and current assistant at Mount Verde in Florida. My dad loves how he works with me and so do I. Coach Eric is very detailed oriented and demands my best. He really challenges me to stay low and to explode on moves. I was always so tired after we worked for 2 hours but it was a good feeling. After working hard with Eric my dad and I hit the weights and did some band work. Dad seemed a little tired today but I did not say anything because I know he works so hard in and out of the house. He always calls me a full time job but I know he puts in work to pay the bills also. He and my step mom provide a great life for us and my mom does also. 

Wednesday morning was a blur. I guess because I get to eat and I go back to sleep. Dad was in NYC with a client and Khalif was at camp at US Hoops while little GiGi was at daycare. I slept to 1 o'clock because I was up a little late and my body was really tired from the Monday and Tuesday workouts. My dad does not get home until late so I chill for while surfing the net and talking to my friends. After getting tired of sitting around I begin working on my body with the new Rack my dad purchased for me for 8th grade graduation. I love the Rack and asked my dad for it an entire year before he gave it to me. Later that night, my dad and I went to the gym and did ball-handling drills for 2 hours. 1 ball, 2 balls and some back to basics drills my dad is on me about all the time. 

Thursday I went to US Hoops and worked with the Justin, Jordan and a Division 3 kid who was so strong and could jump so high, I could not believe he was a D 3 player. Rich and my dad always say there are great players on every level. The guy was at least 20 years old and he dunked on me once or twice. My dad was watching for that game. Lucky me, he yelled to me to pick it up. I handled the kid better the next 2 games even blocked and changed a few of his shots. Thursday night after dinner I went to the gym, my dad and I worked hard on ball handling and shooting. We even played about 25 games of 1-1 alternating with a few guys in the gym. My dad played also and he did he did pretty well I must say. Like my brother, he never stops talking when he plays. 

Friday was a light day because, although I still got shots up and lifted before I played summer league game at Rahway High School. I played well and we blew the team out. After the game I shot around for 30 minutes because I missed a few shots I wish I could have made. My dad wanted to leave so we went home. 

Saturday I handled, lifted and went for a run and on Sunday I shot 500 shots and reviewed dribble moves before my flight to Louisville, Kentucky. While in Louisville, I attended the Hoopscoop All-American run by Clark Francis. Mr. Francis invited me to attend and I was excited to go. The camp was really good. I love the drills and skills and the games were a lot of fun and really competitive. I got a chance to play against some of the best in the country like Derryck Thorton and Codey Riley from California. I also played with some great players also, especially point guard Loren Jackson from IMG Academy in Florida. Wow he can go! Thanks Mr. Francis for a great camp! 

This is Tyus Battle signing off!