Sunday, July 29, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Final Day: Champions Are Crowned!

Jared Bynum (DC Assault)

The final day of the 6th Grade AAU Nationals took place and DC Assault won the title. We really got a chance to watch some of the top talent that the Class of 2018 had to offer. Here’s a breakdown of who impressed us on our last day in Hampton.

6th Grade Nationals Top Performers

Jared Bynum Guard (DC Assault)- Bynum played big in DCA semifinal victory over We All Can Go. He plays the point guard position but hurt the defending champs with his outside shooting. He’s not afraid to take the big shots and shoots the trey ball with good accuracy. He nailed multiple outside shots that sent WACG home. He also came up big as DCA cruised in the finals.

Shariff Kenny Forward (DC Assault)- The bruising forward was a scoring machine in the biggest game of his young career. He established good low post position and scored easily at the tin. DCA need toughness to get to the finals and Kenny provided the brute.

Prentiss Hubb Guard (DC Assault)- Every team needs a big shot taker and Prentiss provides this service for DCA. He showed his all around skill during the semifinals but nailed a big trey to tie the game and gave DCA the momentum they needed to outlast WACG.

D’Marco Baucey Forward (DC Assault)- After cruising the first half Baucey woke up in the second stanza against WACG. He hit the jumper from the free throw line area and made his presence felt inside. His potential is throw the roof but he does need to play with a little more urgency at times. Hopefully that will come with age.

Marquise Brown Guard (DC Assault)- When Brown is playing under control he impacts the game well. He’s an explosive guard that plays both ends of the floor. He has floor general potential and that toughness to be a good one.

Brandt Lawless Forward (WACG)- Lawless was a banger inside for the defending champs. He hurt DCA early but powering up for buckets but what really caught my eye was his overall feel for the game and passing ability. He loves kicking the rock out to the perimeter for their guards to knock down jumpers.

Darius Garland Guard (WACG)- Garland outside shot is soft and wet. He drained jumpers all week and shot it with a high level of confidence. He has NBA 3 point range and will let it go with a hand in his face.

Alex Jones Guard (WAGC)- Jones has the keys to this high powered offense. He has the basketball IQ and swagger that would make any coach smile. This week he demonstrated penetration skills and scoring in transition. He will be one to watch.

Gavin Schoenwald Forward (WAGC)- The heart and soul of this squad gave his all to help his team finish #3 in the country. He has a Mike Kidd-Gilchrist type motor which allows him to make plays that others can’t make on this level. He definitely goes hard all game long.

Marvin Bagley Jr. Forward (916 Select)- I always look for a serious prospect and Bagley fits the bill. The 6’6 forward passes the look test and looked overly impressive on the floor. He can post up and also looks very comfortable on the wing. He was a one man army for the California squad and helped them make a deep run.

Rechon Black Guard (CB Spiders)- Black stepped his game up to help his troops take home the 9th Place title. We talked about his smoothness before and when he exerts himself like he did today he looks like one of the top guards in the country.

Patrick Conner Forward (CB Spiders)- Conner is undersized for his position but his footwork and toughness helps him produce. He never stops attacking the glass on both ends of the floor for rebounds. He also knows how to get his shot off around potential shot blockers.

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- Murphy stock rose at this event. He has the size for the position and gets busy when requested. He’s versatile and stuffs the stat sheet in several categories. He will be a problem in this class for years to come.

Dawson Crosby Guard (ATR Explosion)- Crosby might be one of the best pure shooters in this class. He’s crafty enough to shoot off the dribble but will really kill you when spotting up.

Nayson Kane Forward (New Rens)- Kane made game winning baskets against Team IZOD and Maryland Scholars. He made huge plays when it counted while pushing his team to a Top 10 finish.