Thursday, July 26, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 2: Usual Suspects

Atiba Taylor (KSK)

Day 2 at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals was on fire. There were some players that have graced our site before that also put in work. Here’s a breakdown of what known players that got busy.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Day 2 Top Performers (Usual Suspects)

Atiba Taylor Guard (KSK)- Taylor played big in their showdown with Team Takeover. He created opportunities for his teammates while also knocking down some crucial treys. This kid’s feel for the game is something special.

Luther Muhammad Guard (KSK)- Muhammad was his usual dominant self. He’s always in attack mode but now knows how to change speeds at the appropriate time. His skill level has definitely risen since last season. He’s a load to handle.

Nazereon Reid Forward (KSK)- Reid has made a national name while at this event. His length caused TT too many problems. His ridiculous wing span made rebounding, scoring and blocking shots very easy. He’s a walking double-double machine.

Donovan Toatley Guard (Team Takeover)- Toatley unleashed his lethal handle for the spectators. He was able to get in the lane and it some tough pull ups with defenders draped all over him. He has the knack of trying to hit the homerun in terms of making plays.

Jamie Lewis Guard (Team Takeover)- Lewis made a guest appearance with TT via ATL. He was strong to impact KSK’s defense and had some good finishes at the cup. His jump shot wasn’t clicking like previous outings but he still had a decent showing.

Jalen Brooks Guard (Team IZOD)- Brooks found his scoring rhythm while getting out into transition. He filled the lane and either scored or dished it to streaking teammates. He finished in double figures.

Marquise Nowell Guard (Team IZOD)- Nowell came off the bench to help the “Fly Guys” propel past Gold Rush. He also played the transition game well in terms of scoring and passing. He also snagged a few steals in the process.

Shelton Applewhite Forward (Team IZOD)- Applewhite played his best game of the tournament. He attacked along the baseline and even stepped behind the three point line. If he keeps this up he will increase Team IZOD’s chances of winning it all.

Mikey Watkins Guard (Team IZOD)- Watkins showed some range today knocking down multiple treys. He also quarterbacked the squad to an easy victory. He has the hard job of keeping all these scorer’s happy.