Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 1: Part 2

Qon Murphy (CB Cpiders)

Day 1 of the 6th Grade AAU Nationals kicked off today in Hampton, Virginia and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. This morning we focused on some of the squads we are accustomed to and here are the players that caught our eye.

6th Grade National Top Performers Part 2

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- Murphy battled foul trouble to post good numbers as the Spiders cruised past the Gauchos. He’s a natural guard playing forward so he was a true match up problem for the defense. Once he caught the rock at the high post the defense was at his mercy. We expect him to have a huge week down here in Hampton.

Rechon Black Guard (CB Spiders)- I heard about the Rondo comparisons and can see why they surfaced. We are not calling him a pro but Leaky has grown a few inches which helps him dominate the game. On defense he plays the passing lanes like a NFL cornerback, on offense he breezed past the defense and shot the floater with extreme ease. He’s a budding prospect.

Devon Dotson Guard (CB Spiders)- The smoke is still in the air from the way Dotson exploded past the defense. He exploded into the lane and dropped dimes like a snitch. His favorite player is Derrick Rose and I can see why.

Jordan McCallister Forward (Gauchos)- Jordan was a bright spot for the Gauchos. He has good size and the fundamentals to get things done. He can hit the short jumper or power up inside. I look forward to seeing more of him.

Atiba Taylor Guard (KSK)- Taylor toyed with the defense in their win over NC Runnin Rebels. The southpaw size was too much for the opposition as he got anywhere he wanted on the floor. He really makes things look very easy.

Luther Muhammad Guard (KSK)- You know this kid is always business and he showed it in their opener. He’s too tough to stop from driving then you add in his improved pull up and he’s becomes a true problem. He’s a dominant force.