Thursday, July 26, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 3: Last Day Of Pool Play

Gavin Schoewald (We All Can Go)

Day 3 was the final day of pool play and Basketball Spotlight was once again in the building. Here’s a breakdown of the players that impressed us today.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 3

Gavin Schoenwald Forward (We All Can Go)- We got a our first look at Gavin and can say he is as good as advertised. He is very skilled but I was more impressed with his passion for the game. He never takes plays off and demonstrates an all around game. Since the game was a blow out I didn’t get to see him stroke the pill.

Courtney Ramey Guard (Team Ramey)- Ramey faced a box and one defense today and still managed to help his team pull out the victory. He hit some big shots down the stretch but once again blew my mind with his court vision. He drove baseline on several plays while dropping off the rock like UPS. He’s a special point guard.

Mckyan James Guard (Team Ramey)- While the defense focused on Ramey, James made them pay. He nailed 5 treys and handled the rock when Team Ramey got into to trouble. He’s small in size but huge in stature. He plays with a big heart.

Anthony Johnson Guard (Caveman Camody)- Johnson went head to head with Courtney Ramey and held his own. The strong guard bullied his way to the bucket and finished after absorbing contact. He left everything on the floor after their two point loss.

Torian Leak Guard (Caveman Carmody)- Leak did a good job of making Ramey work for every shot. The gritty guard also attacked the lane like a running back and used the floater to convert.

Justin Gardy Forward (Central Florida Magic)- Gardy is long and athletic which helps him dominate of this level. He tossed shots, scored and hit the glass. He will need to work on his skill set in years to come. Keep an eye on this kid.

Nick Honor Guard (Central Florida Magic)- Honor used his poise to help the Magic escape an upset minded Mass. Shooting Stars. He takes care of the basketball and distributes it well. He hit some clutch free throws down the stretch to help them win.

Jason West Guard (Central Florida Magic)- West has a lot of wiggle and flair in his game. Once he got past the guards and made things happen. He reminds me of a young Mike Nardi that played at Villanova.

Devandre Edmonds Forward (Mass Shooting Stars)- Edmonds impressed me on the big stage. The defense sagged on him but he still managed to get some things done. He was dominant all year especially on the Spotlight circuit.

Paul Durkee Guard (Mass Shooting Stars)- Durkee kept MSS in the game by knocking down the three ball down the stretch. He has good length and confidence in is stroke.

Chase Adams Guard (Ferrari)- I got a chance to see this Youtube sensation today. He’s definitely small but there’s a lot of game in that package. His handle is wicked and loves dishing the pill.

Ta’wan Grier Forward (Ring City)- Grier was very dominant against New Rens. He hammered the glass while bullying the opposition in the paint. But don’t be fooled this kid does has a skill set.

Eligah Brown Forward (QCAA)- Brown punished Playtime inside with turnaround shots in the paint. He has a tight end frame with soft hands. He was a force inside.

Jalen Lecque Guard (Playtime)- Lecque made the most of his national showing. He scored from different spots on the floor and attacked the teeth of the defense. It was a joy watching him compete this season.