Saturday, July 28, 2012

8th Grade AAU Nationals Update: "The MOBB" Finishes #4 in America

DC Assault Finishes #4

DC Assault AKA “The MOBB” made it to the AAU 8th Grade Final Four and finished #4 in the country. DCA traveled the Spotlight circuit for years and even won the Clash For The Cup Championship. We would first like to thank DC Assault for their support all through the years and congratulate them on their success this season.

Jamar Watson
Jamir Moultrie
Mickey Bell
Anthony Cowan
Blake Francis
Sam Green
Ako Adams
Reggie Gardner Jr.
Alani Moore
Joe Hampton
Coach: Zach Suber
Asst. Coach: Aaron Ratliff
Asst. Coach: Reggie Gardner Sr.