Friday, July 27, 2012

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 4: Championship Bracket Play Begins

Oluwasimisola Shittu (REDA)

Bracket play opened today at the 6th Grade AAU Nationals in Hampton, Virginia. Basketball Spotlight once again was on hand for the reporting. Here’s a breakdown of the players that performed on a high level.

6th Grade AAU Nationals Top Performers Day 4

Oluwasimisola Shittu Forward (REDA)- The Canadian native is one of the top prospects I’ve seen during my time here in Hampton. He stands about 6’4, shoots and handles the rock like a guard while running the floor like a gazelle. Team United tried different matchups to slow him down but couldn’t get it done. He might be next in the recent explosion of Canadian basketball studs.

Keshaun Saunders Forward (REDA)- Saunders teams with Shittu to help form a long front line. He shows his versatility when handling the pill and breaking down defenders. He loves using the crossover dribble to set up his pull up jumper. He size allow him to get a clean look most of the time.

Pablo Villa Guard (REDA)- Villa has the honor of setting up both Saunders and Shittu. He doesn’t blind you with his speed but his craftiness and court awareness stands out. He delivered a few passes that wowed the crowd.

Darius Beane Guard (Brian Cook Elite)- Beane made things hard for Mass. Shooting Stars in their early morning contest. He was relentless when attacking the defense and was strong enough to finish off his plays. He’s definitely the go to guy for this squad.

Jordan Simmons Guard (King James SS)- Simmons once again turned in a good performance in his team’s loss to NC Runnin Rebels. He has good balance and a true feel for the point guard position. He put together a strong of baskets that made things interesting at the end of the game.

Qon Murphy Guard (CB Spiders)- The big guard helped his team make short work of Ring City. He played the passing lane well while intercepting about five passes. He passed the rock well and scored in traffic. When you throw in his double digit rebounds you see how productive he was.

Devon Dotson Guard (CB Spiders)- Dotson was spectacular once again. It’s tough for defenders to stay in front of him on this level. He led the Spiders in scoring with 16 points. He’s a sparkplug guard with a scorer’s mentality.

Rechon Black Guard (CB Spiders)- Leaky controlled the tempo while letting his teammates eat. He’s long enough to make the correct pass and show his total game. He’s a point guard with a bright future.

Nayson Kane Forward (New Rens)- Kane was a monster for New Rens today. Not only did he do damage inside he also showed us he could push the pill up the floor and make plays. He was definitely a pleasant surprise today.

Judah McIntyre Guard (New Rens)- Judah had a ball putting on a show during their blow out win. He finished off a few tough lay ups but really looked good dishing to teammates. He definitely rewards his big men for running the floor.

Daniel Klosk Guard (New Rens)- This kid’s swagger seems to grow each time I see him rock. He has proven to be more than just a knock down shooter; he now shows the ability to put it on the floor and some athleticism. We are watching him grow up right before our eyes.