Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Team RIO National Unveiled At Super Skillcase!

Team RIO National

The 2nd Annual Super Skillcase produced more than just action on the floor. It was the perfect atmosphere for Team RIO National to reveal their squad to the AAU world. The 7th Grade roster of eight includes six players ranked in our National Top 50. This team will be hitting several big events such as the Basketball Spotlight Circuit, NYBL, AAU Regionals and Nationals and FAB 48 in Las Vegas. 

Team Rio National's Director Brian Klatsky explains the teams formation and goals. “Team Rio National was formed by the Mario Chalmers Foundation over the last year. Mario has been working with Micah Lancaster over the last few years and wish he had access to Micah’s training when he was a youth player on the AAU circuit. He feels that kids are playing too many games and not getting the proper skill development at young ages. We selected players that have the passion and desire to improve their skills and basketball IQ in a team/family environment. Our goal is to prepare these kids for high school and beyond through Micah Lancaster’s I’m Possible training, intense practices with a successful/experienced high school coach, and game competition at the highest level. The players will attend local I’m Possible Training’s during the week and several Lancaster events. We are not as concerned as much with wins and losses as we are about giving them the right foundation for future success” he finished. 

Basketball Spotlight will get our first look at Team RIO National at the Tip Off Classic December 7th and 8th in Neptune, NJ. We will also keep you guys posted on their progress. Do we have another Supreme Team on our hands? We shall see soon!

Team RIO National Roster: Jordan McKoy, Chris Autino, AJ Hoggard, Bryan Antione, Jalen Gaffney, Alex Klatsky, Scottie Lewis and Terrence Williams

Coaches: Kevin Hynes and Brian Klatsky