Monday, November 25, 2013

Diary Of A Baller: Myles Dread (Burtonsville, MD) Final Entry!

MLK Monument 
Dear Basketball World, 

This is my last article. I just want to thank Mike Melton for the opportunity to do the "Diary of a Baller" series this year. I am very grateful because out of all the kids that play in the bballspotlight circuit he chose me. 

This week was a fun one at the Dread household. On Monday, I went on field trip to Washington, D.C... I got to see the WWII monument, the Martin Luther King Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and I also got to see the hope diamond, the biggest diamond in the world,. It was interesting to see how big the Lincoln Memorial was in person. I was also amazed at how many people were at the MLK monument on a Monday morning. I think it was special to see the monuments for the first time and really learning the history of our country. 

I just wanted to thank Mike Melton for affording me the chance to do this series. I am looking forward to playing against the best players on the east coast on the circuit. Until then I will be in the gym working on my game. Will you? 

Thanks for all of your support, 
 Myles Dread

Basketball Spotlight would like to thank Myles Dread for giving us a look into his life these last 12 weeks. Stay tuned next week as we begin our three month journey with Atiba Taylor of Team IZOD. That should be very interesting.