Monday, November 11, 2013

What Did We Learn At The 2nd Annual Super Skillcase?

The 2nd Annual Super Skillcase is in the history books and here are some of the things we learned. We usually save this segment for after our recaps but we decided to release it now. 

What We Learned At The 2nd Annual Super Skillcase?  

1. Class of 2018 Is Loaded! 
Last year the Class of 2017 brought some serious talent to the Super Skillcase but this year’s crop was on another level. The 2nd Annual Super Skillcase featured some true thoroughbreds of all sizes. The dunk count was high and many spectators left saying these youngsters looked like high school juniors or seniors on the floor. I’m going to have a ball watching these youngsters play this season on the Spotlight circuit. 

2. Scottie Lewis Is For Real! 
I always get the word about players being the real deal and sometimes they don’t live up to the hype, but at the Super Skillcase Scottie Lewis made me into a believer. This kid has major bounce in his game and had the audience in frenzy. He left America’s Playground as the talk of the event and has to be the best 7th Grader I've seen in the region since “Kid Mamba”. More on Lewis later including his new name! 

3. Potomac Valley Players Are Born To Ball! 
Another incredible aspect I realized was the talent level of the baby ballers from the Potomac Valley Region. These youngsters (Grades 3-5) and from teams such as Team Glory, DC Assault and Team Takeover possessed serious basketball IQ’s and skill sets. I see they are definitely learning the game the right way. Stay tuned for their recaps. 

4. "The Stamp" Machine Is Warming Up!
After seeing the talent this weekend in AC, I have a good feeling that we will be giving out a few “Stamps” this year. “The Stamp” is an approval that I give to a player from Basketball Spotlight events that I feel has some serious potential, at least is a High Major Division 1 prospect and possibly a professional basketball player. We have a few players in mind and you guys will be the first to know. Lol