Monday, April 27, 2015

Diary Of A Baller: James "Buckets" Bishop (Baltimore, MD) Entry #2

Bishop Getting Ready To Rock

Monday was back to school for me after a long weekend. I got up at 6:00 am did my morning workout and got ready for school! After school I went to St Benedict’s gym and worked out and got some shots up on the gun. After that I went home did my usual physical routine, ate, showered and tuned in to my favorite point guard Stephen Curry. 

Tuesday, I got up ate breakfast and got ready for school after a long day of school I went to Western Tech High School and worked out after that I chilled at the house until my brother got home that's when we went down to the gym. I ran two miles and did my physical workout after that we went and worked on ball handling. For about 45 minutes. That took us until about 10:30 by then it was time for me to shower and get to bed. 

Wednesday was pretty much same as Tuesday I went to Western Tech worked out then after got my two miles, physical workout and ball handling workout. Then I got some homework done and went straight to bed. 

Thursday was pretty much last time I would be able to get in the gym to prepare for NYBL. I went to school in the morning then after school I got in the gym from 6-8. Later I went home to a little surprise, my brother brought home the Xbox one and 2k15. So after I did my physical workout and instead of ball handling I did some film study on some good PGs like Marquise Teague, Tyler Ulis , Isaiah Briscoe , I played 2k15 for rest night! 

Friday was no school for me I’m just packing getting ready to leave to Virginia for second session of NYBL! But my brother wanted me to be sharp when I left so we got up and did some ball handling for about 45 minutes. Then I packed the rest of my things and waited on my ride. 

This was a big weekend for me and my B’More Finest. We had a lot of big games and went 4-1 this weekend. We pulled off big wins against West Coast All Stars and I scored a game high 32 and New Heights where I had 24 and 5! I played pretty well this weekend I tried to work on getting my teammates involved while also looking for my shots. I’m really exhausted and ready to get home and relax and get ready for school.