Thursday, April 16, 2015

AC Showcase 6th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 15 Player Performance Rankings

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase 6th Grade Division was exciting all the way through. Here’s a look at the Best Of The Best and the Super 15 Player Performance Rankings. 

AC Showcase 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Trey Patterson (Team IZOD)- Patterson made his return to the Spotlight and had a great weekend. The versatile forward showed off some of his guard skills and scoring prowess. He’s really making a claim at being #1 in the country. Stay tune on this matter. 

Best Playmaker: Darius Johnson (Team Takeover)- Johnson has the rock on a string therefore he gets anywhere he wants on the floor. Once he got through the first line of defense he has the option of either scoring or dishing to teammates. He’s one tough guard to defend. Best Scorer: 

Jaylen Hall (New World Unlimited)- Hall had another weekend where he got buckets with ease. He’s too skill and strong for these defenders on this level. He breaks through the defense like a running back and finishes with the best of them. 

Best Interior Force: Donnell Harris (Team IZOD)- Harris is also making a move for #1 and his play this weekend backed that up. His motor and size allowed him to dominate the paint while scoring with ease. Teaming with Patterson make them perhaps the best duo in America. 

Best Shooter: Christian Moore (B’More Finest)- Moore has a fluid and natural motion on his shot. When he gets an open look and sets his feet you can usually put it in the books. He came up big for the Baltimore squad over the weekend. 

Best Fresh Face: Jeremiah White (Boo Williams Marvels)- What else needs to said this kid came to the biggest stage in the country and put up numbers. No one really knew him before but now he might have created national name. 

Best Defender: Raayan Lane (B’More Finest)- Lane is a ball handlers worse nightmare. He pressures the rock and makes the opposing guard have to make quick decisions. You need to have a tight handle trying to get past this kid. 

Best Versatile: Trevor Keels (Team Takeover)- Keels can play multiple positions in the TTO backcourt. He’s also big enough to sneak inside and grab rebounds. He gets it done anyway necessary for his team to win. 

Super 15 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Trey Patterson (Team IZOD) 
2. Donnell Harris (Team IZOD) 
3. Jaylen Hall (New Unlimited) 
4. Christian Moore (B’More Finest) 
5. Trevor Keels (Team Takeover) 
6. Trey Thomas (Team Takeover) 
7. Bray Freeman (New World Unlimited) 
8. Darius Johnson (Team Takeover) 
9. Kennedy Chandler (Team IZOD) 
10. Jeremiah White (Boo Williams Marvels) 
11. Raayan Lane (B’More Finest) 
12. Kino Lilly (Team Takeover) 
13. Jalen Warley (Philly Triple Threat) 
14. Maurice Doby (Riverside Hawks) 
15. Jaquan Harris (NJ Bulldogs)