Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Did We Learn At The AC Showcase?

The Basketball Spotlight AC Showcase once again went down as they event of the year. It also had a lot of interesting happening and aspects to go along with the weekend. Here are some of the things we learned in America’s Playground. 

 What Did We Learn At The AC Showcase?

AC Showcase #1 Event In America! 

The AC Showcase went to the next level this year with 3 reigning national champions, over 40 nationally ranked teams, over 100 nationally ranked players and combined all three sneakers companies. The atmosphere was epic and the games were very entertaining. It would be hard for any single weekend event to bring together this type of luster. We owe all this success to you guys and greatly appreciate it.

Patterson True #1 In The Country! 

After watching Trey Patterson this weekend and factoring in his apparent enormous potential it’s safe to say he will be our Class of 2021 #1 player in the country when we update our rankings soon. Patterson was very dominant at times and has improved his motor while under the tutelage of Reggie Carter. He has the ability to play any position on the floor. The scary part is this kid still has a ways to go. We are going to enjoy this journey.
Terror Squad Controversy! 

The craziest things always seem to occur at the AC Showcase. In this year’s episode the Terror Squad was informed that they were eliminated from the tournament because of the point system. This information was a fault of mine and I take full responsibility. A phone call at 10:00 am from their team manager alerted me of the error I then had to hold up their 10:20 quarterfinal game for their arrival. I stepped in because I was at fault and would have done the same for any other squad in the event. The Terror Squad ended up winning the championship and the saga continues.

CP3 All Stars Hit The Road! 

After defeating Team Ennis, Team Rio National and Team Takeover, CP3 All Stars felt their work at the AC Showcase was done and hit the road for Greensboro, NC. They cited travel time and the fact that they played everyone they wanted to play and the championship would have been just a possible rematch against Team RIO. The Team Rio crew wanted another shot at the national champs after coming up short by 3 points in their pool play meeting. Was CP3 bored and ready to hit the road or were they trying to leave America’s Playground without a loss. I guess no one will really know and this would add to the allure and irony of the AC Showcase.

The Spotlight Team! 

The Spotlight team epidemic begun with Team Battle, then was followed by Team Final, Supreme Team, Team RIO National and now apparently the Terror Squad. The Spotlight team is the squad the others feel get unwarranted website attention and preferential treatment during our events. But if you really look at these teams you will notice that they all have one thing in common, they win. Basketball Spotlight just as ESPN or any other media outlet promotes winning teams. Therefore if you feel like these types of teams are getting too much attention knock them off the pedestal and I will gladly be in your corner when your hand is raised. I’m like Don King, (Champion Chasers.)