Friday, April 17, 2015

Road To The Grand Finale Point System Update!

The AC Showcase was the 4th stop on the Basketball Spotlight Road To The Grand Finale. We would like to congratulate all the teams the picked up points towards the Grand Prize. The Grand Finale will take place June 20th and 21th. The Top 8 teams in each division will be invited with the discount rate of $250. We also will be having open bids for top teams that want to go for the crown at the cost of $375. Our last stop before the Grand Finale will be the Memorial Day Classic in Neptune, NJ. 

8th Grade Teams 
Harlem Jets (15 Points) 
Team RIO National (12 Points) 
NY Rens (8 Points) 
DC Premier (8 Points) 
Play Hard (8 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (7 Points) 
New Heights (7 Points) 
CP3 All Stars (6 Points) 
Team Final (5 Points) 
Team Takeover (5 Points) 
CTA Turbo (5 Points) 
Hilltopper Heat (5 Points) 

7th Grade Teams 
Team Durant (18 Points) 
Team IZOD (9 Points) 
DC Premier (7 Points) 
PSA Cardinals (7 Points) 
King Street Kings (7 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (7 Points) 
Brooklyn Rens (7 Points) 
Gauchos (5 Points) 
NY Rens (4 Points) 
Dream Chasers (3 Points) 
RIP City (3 Points) 
Wiz Kids (3 Points) 

6th Grade Teams 
Team IZOD (12 Points) 
Team Durant (10 Points) 
New World Unlimited (8 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (8 Points) 
B’More Finest (7 Points) 
Philly Triple Threat (7 Points) 
Team Takeover (7 Points) 
Gauchos (6 Points) 

5th Grade 
Riverside Hawks (11 Points) 
Havoc City (10 Points) 
NY Rens (10 Points) 
Team Durant (6 points) 
60 Elite (6 Points) 
New Heights (6 Points) 
Maryland Finest (5 Points) 
Gauchos (4 Points) 
National Select (3 Points) 

4th Grade Teams 
Riverside Hawks (15 Points) 
Made Signature (8 Points) 
Team Takeover (8 Points) 
NY Rens (8 Points) 
Havoc City (7 Points) 
Gauchos (3 Points) 
B’More Finest (3 Points) 
Hilltoppers Heat (3 Points) 
National Select (3 Points) 
SJ Domination (3 Points)