Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 20 Player Performance Rankings

The AC Showcase 7th Grade gave us a look at some of the top talent on the horizon. Here’s our look at the Best Of The Best from the event and the Super 20 Player Performance Rankings. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Jordan Toles (Team Durant)- Wire to wire Toles played the game with great intensity. He could be seen attacking the rim in transition and in the half court set. When he is own it’s very difficult to slow this team down. 

Best Playmaker: AJ Hoggard (Team Durant)- Whether he was dropping dimes or scoring Hoggard knows how to make plays especially in big moments. In the finals he stepped up big to help the Terror Squad avenge a pool play lost to George Hill Rising Stars. 

Best Floor General: CJ Robinson (Gauchos)- When this kid is clicking he looks like the best point guard in the country. His strength combined with great dribbling skills and penetrating ability makes him a special player to watch. 

Best Scorer: Kieves Turner (RIP City)- This kid is so natural at scoring that it’s kind of scary. He’s very fluid going to the hole and if you try to back off he will nail the trey ball. He gave Team Durant fits in their semi-final matchup. 

Best Shooter: Mike Saunders Jr. (George Hill Rising Stars)- Saunders Jr. had a radar under his jersey as he nailed treys from everywhere. His seven treys in the finals almost single-handily snatch the championship away from the Terror Squad. 

Best Defender: Isaiah Todd (Team Durant)- He has been known to block or alter shots but the play he made in the semi-finals saved the life of the Terror Squad. He raced the length of the floor to block a Kieves Turner lay-up. 

Best Fresh Face: Josh Rubio (Team CLT)- The big fella was very nimble on his feet and impressed us with his soft hands inside. The more I watched him the more I wanted him to get the rock. I look forward seeing him at the Future Phenom Camp. 

Super 20 Player Performance Rankings 
1. Jordan Toles (Team Durant) 
2. Kieves Turner (RIP City) 
3. AJ Hoggard (Team Durant) 
4. Mike Saunders Jr. (George Hill Rising Stars) 
5. CJ Robinson (Gauchos) 
6. Hunter Jackson (George Hill Rising Stars) 
7. Andrew King (RIP City) 
8. RJ Davis (Gauchos) 
9. Delonie Hunt (DC Premier) 
10. Tristan Maxwell (Team CLT) 
11. Josh Rubio (Team CLT) 
12. Tyler Brelsford (Team Durant) 
13. Kareem May (Brooklyn Rens) 
14. Xavier Pina (Team Final) 
15. Micah Johnson (NJ Bulldogs) 
16. Zion Bethea (KSK) 
17. Dee Givens (Team CLT) 
18. Juilan Thomas (ESYC Elite) 
19. Brevin Jefferson (George Hill Rising Stars) 
20. Isaiah Todd (Team Durant)