Thursday, November 18, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #10

What's Up Everybody! It's the "Shoota" aka "Mr. Nice" coming at you. This was a very long week for me. I had three exams, I had to take my entrance exam for high school, and I got picked by my school to participate in the Scholastic Olympics. I know I did very well on all my exams, especially the entrance exam. As far as the Scholastic Olympics goes, I've been going over some material so I'll be prepared.

Monday, we had a game in the high school league at Haddon Heights High School we won the game, I don't remember the score. Tuesday I had practice with team final at Life Center. For the little bit of time I was there we worked on shooting, and creating space on our shots. Later that night I had two school games at Notre Dame high School we won both games, the second game was close which was surprising but we pulled it out. A few high school coaches were there checking out different players.

Wednesday, we had our playoff game in the high school league at HHS. They were beating us the whole game, they basically outplayed us for 35 minutes. With like five minutes left in the game we finally got after it defensively, that changed the game. With 1:05 left in the game "Fresh" tied the game up with a hard drive to the basket. We got a steal and then held the ball until it was 10 seconds left, Sam did a dribble drive kick to me with 3 seconds left. I was WIDE OPEN on the wing for a 3, I knew when it left my hands it was good. That was the first time I ever hit a game winning shot with time running out (NCAA style) I gotta give a shoutout to my boy "Shizz" for hitting some key shots and getting after it on the defensive end, everybody followed his lead.

From Thursday to Saturday, I had two Team Final practices and two school games. At my practices we went over our plays and my school team won both games.

Saturday night we celebrated my Dad's birthday, gave him a Cowboys cake...l..o...l. Finally on Sunday, I got a chance to just relax.

Next week........
"Mr. Nice"