Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #8

What's up everybody, it's the "Shoota". My week at school was pretty quiet. I had one test and one quiz I did very good on both. We have one more week until the trimester is over, and I'm looking forward to making the honor roll.

On Monday night, Team Final had a game in the high school league. All I can say is we were TERRIBLE, offensively and defensively, I hope we NEVER play like that again. We should have gotten blown out, but we lost by three. We were very good last Monday and stunk up the gym the following Monday.

Tuesday, I didn't make it to my team final practice, moms couldn't take me she was doing her own thing. I think she went shopping because when she came in the house she ran right upstairs with her bags. I went to the local Y and got a good run in though. Wednesday I was suppose to workout at TCA but there was a little altercation between two players and everything was canceled, I was pissed because I wanted to get my workout in. Thursday Team Final's practice was canceled, that really messed my workout routine up. I hate to go a couple of days without a workout.

Friday I relaxed, I didn't want to because my week was already too relaxing. Friday night I went to the movies with my boys from the neighborhood. They stayed to watch another movie, but I didn't have to get up early for my Saturday morning workout.

My Saturday workout was what I needed and missed all week. Me and my boy Ronnie Paden got it in. Shout out to TCA's trainer Ralph. After my workout with Ralph, I stayed and got some shots up on the Gun, couldn't shoot as many as I wanted, my legs were tired and my arms were sore. After my long afternoon nap I studied for a bit, then I played 2K11 for the rest of the day.

Sunday I was back up early to work on some ball handling and shooting. After my workout I went to church, I always enjoy myself at church. We went to my grandparent's house after church for dinner; when my grandma calls and says she's cooking everybody comes over. It was an early Thanksgiving dinner. It was cool spending time with my family.

Check me out next week!