Monday, November 1, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #8

Hello Basketball World. It’s your boy "Fresh" back again to tell you about my week. This week was all about basketball and when I say all about the ball, I mean it. Monday, Team Final had a game, we did horrible. We weren't moving the ball or playing to win. By the way we only lost by 3, 32 to 29. Tuesday, Team Final had a great practice. We did a lot of ball handling, shooting, and conditioning. Wednesday, was my only day off the ball, I took that opportunity to watch some NBA games and relax my body. Thursday, Team Final usual practice was canceled. So I workout with Coach Fred we did all leg exercises like calf rises, vertical jumps, etc... Friday, I played in the Aztecs league. We ended up playing two games. We won against Team Zilier by 10. But the highlight of the night was the second game against Team Rebel. It was very competitive even though we were up the whole game we knew a few mistakes can cost us the game. Shout Out to Sam and Shizz they were on fire from the three point line. We played as a team and shared the sugar and won 72-69.

Saturday, I went to the ISAA Mid-Atlantic Showcase at Community College in Philly. There were high school coaches there and some of the sponsors were Modells and Powerade. There was a lot of good competition there. My team color was black and we won the championship. Our team had great chemistry as though we played together before. I gave out a lot of dimes. Sunday, I decided to give my legs a rest for our Monday night game against Camden Catholic (CAN'T WAIT). So I finished Mafia 2 time to trade it in. I watched some football and basketball then end the night with an ice bath before I took it down. Til Next Week remember play every game like it’s your last...

Stay tuned for more from Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble.