Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nike Challenge Camp Day 2: New Faces Emerge (Class 2015)

Kendall Small Played Big On Day 2 Of The Nike Challenge Camp

Basketball Spotlight was on hand again for Day 2 of the Nike Challenge Camp in Los Angeles, California. Here’s a look at some of the players that shined on the final day of competition.

Day 2 Top Performers (Class Of 2015)

Kendall Small Guard (Anaheim, CA)- Small took home honors as the top point guard in this event. He used Day 2 as his personal showcase by breaking down the defense and feeding teammates like a charity. Kendall also displayed his shooting touch during game play and when he made it to the finals of the skills competition. He reminds me of former Seton Hall University floor general Eugene Harvey but with a better ratchet.

Jordan Dallas Forward (Long Beach, CA)- When it’s all said and done don’t be surprised if this kid emerges as one of the top prospects from California. He’s a recruiters dream standing 6’6 but will probably max out near 6’10. Right now he’s a face up 4 with 3 potential. His long arms and south paw style is similar to that of a Tayshaun Prince. Once he becomes more aggressive and grows into his body it might be a wrap from the competition.

Blair Williams Forward (Los Angeles, CA)- Williams stands 6’6 and is very active around the rim. He runs the floor very fluidly and specializes in causing damage along the baseline. He has a decent face up jumper and puts it on the floor just enough to get his shot off. He seems to have peaked in terms of growing so what you see is what you get in terms of size.

Latrelle Franklin Guard (Temecual, CA)- Latrelle was a pleasant surprise because he doesn’t pass the look test because of his small stature but his solid play definitely turns heads. He’s a lock down defender because of his quickness and foot movement. Offensively he stays within his game when attacking while possessing good change of direction and sneaky athleticism.

Roy Hemsley Forward (Los Angeles, CA)- The gentle giant showed good foot work and a soft touch in the lane. He scored mostly facing the tin and kissing shots off the glass. I do think he needs to spend a little more time under the glass because he can tend to roam the perimeter and little too much. But other than that he was an impact player.

Jordan Griffin Guard (Corona, CA)- Griffin motor never stops. He plays hard both ends of the floor including aggressive defense and making the blue collar plays. On offense he finishes well in transition but does need to correct the release point of his jump shot. Any high school coach would love to have this kid.

Basketball Spotlight will be bringing more profiles, analysis and rankings from the Nike Challenge Camp which is turning into the premier West Coast Event.