Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #10

Whats happening everyone?

This is “The General” back at ya with another week of homework and hoops.

Monday and Tuesday I didn’t really do much on the court because I had a lot of work in Language Arts, Math, Spanish, and Social Studies. It’s the end of the marking period so we had to hand in those last worksheets. After homework, I chilled a little and worked out physically. I did the same routine, the push-ups, sit-ups, the toe raises and jumping rope. My dad says I’m starting to get that bump known as a chest!

I was really looking forward to Wednesday because I was going to get my report card and we had middle school team practice. I got a 93 in Social Studies, a 91 in Math, a 93 in Spanish, a 92 in Language Arts, and an 89 in Science. I was mad about the 89 but it’s alright it’s still a good grade. I have time to bring all those grades up for the 2nd quarter. My school team practice was good. We ran through our plays and scrimmaged a lot. I think playing with 5 AAU players on a regular basis for 3 years has helped my game a lot.

Thursday I was out sick so I didn’t go to school but I’m feeling a lot better now, thanks. Friday we went to pick up my sister Alex from St. Peter’s College. I’m glad she goes there because it’s close to home and she gets to kick it with us and watch a lot of our games. My other sister Hayley doesn’t because she lives in Portland, Oregon this year. We miss her and can’t wait to see her at Christmas time.

My weekend was filled with lots of basketball. I had Got Game practice on Saturday morning. On the way there our truck ran out of gas! So we had to run to the nearest Gas station about a mile away. Man was it noisy on the Garden State Parkway. Nathaniel Robinson our team administrator came and helped us out. We had a good practice though. We ran through all of our plays and we did a lot of shooting drills. After practice I went straight to St. Michaels Gym where they were having a clinic. St. Benedict Prep, St. Anthony High School, and Hudson Catholic coaches and players were all there. It was cool watching them run some of the drills for us. Later that day Got Game went to South Jersey to play in a round robin with Team Rebel out of Philadelphia and Mid-Jersey Heat. Our team caravan hit some traffic and was a little late, but we came in and beat Mid Jersey by 10. After that we played Team Rebel. That was a good game. It was very physical, and had a lot of emotion. Shout out to my teammate Jordan who hit the game winning 3 pointer! We then played Mid-Jersey Heat again and won by a lot.

Sunday we played the 13u FACES in the semifinals of the zoo crew league. They’re always gonna play tough and scrap. It was a good game because it was close, but we didn’t play well. We could’ve played a lot harder, but we didn’t and they beat us by 2. I played alright; I could’ve done a lot better though. I could’ve played smarter too. Sometimes I try to do too much because I want to win so badly. It’s a tough loss but we will learn from it, and we’re going to go back to the lab and keep working like we always do. After that I just chilled at home, and watched Jimmie Johnson continue his dominance in NASCAR as he won his 5th straight Sprint Cup title.

That’s my week in a nutshell, and stay tuned for more.

Otis “ The General” Livingston Jr.

P.S- Shout out to Coach Vinny, who’s playing in Buffalo right now playing in a league. And he’s doin’ work of course! He taught me a lot and I know he’s going to keep working and he loves it up there. Finally, I would love to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!