Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Mr. Nice" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #11

What's Up! It's Mr. Nice coming at you. My week at school was cool. Most of the students in my class were going for their confirmation on Friday night so that was the buzz at school all week. The first trimester is over, report cards come out in December. And I'm looking forward to having the few days off for Thanksgiving and hanging out with my family.

Monday we had our playoff game in the high school league, we played okay and the game went into overtime. We could have won the game if my j would have went in with time running out, but it didn't and we went to a overtime. We didn't make plays during the overtime and we had way too many turnovers. I was a little disappointed because I know if my jumper had gone in we wouldn't have been in that overtime situation. Tuesday, I had a workout with Coach P. He showed me some things I needed to work on, my workout wasn't too long, but it was very productive.

Wednesday, I went to TCA to workout. I did my strength training and then I went to the local Y to get some games in. Thursday I went to my Team Final practice for an hour then I was off to my school game. We won in a blowout and we are undefeated.

Friday, was a chill day for me. I went over my friend's house to play 2K10, we were suppose to go workout together after that but he had to cancel and go somewhere with his mom. Saturday, we had 2 games in the Funsport League, this is the best middle school league in NY. We won both games, my boy "Baby J-Kidd" couldn't go this weekend because of an injury, but Malik Ellison stepped in and did his thing.

Sunday I relaxed a little, then I went to my grandmother's house to see my Aunt Jackie, from Atlanta. I got my eat on while I was there and I watched some college ball until my eagles played. Of course the Eagles whipped up on the Giants...lol.

Although I will be off for Thanksgiving I definitely will get my workout on. I can't go that long without working out. Also the high school season starts in New Jersey the day after Thanksgiving. I'm gonna check out TCA's first practice, they have a 4 hour practice scheduled and I heard they won't be touching the ball for the first 2 hours. If your not in shape you will be exposed.

Next week...........
"Mr. Nice"