Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nike Challenge Camp Rankings (Class 2017)

Remy Martin Finished As The #1 6th Grader

The Cal Supreme Nike Challenge Camp was a great experience for Basketball Spotlight. We got the chance to watch some of the top talent on the West Coast and enjoyed ourselves. Basketball Spotlight will now release the top player rankings from this event. These rankings are based on event performance alone.

Nike Challenge Camp Rankings (Class 2017 Top 10)

1. Remy Martin 5’7 Guard (Burbank, CA)
2. Damon Harge 5’2 Guard (Mountain House, CA)
3. Kihei Clark 5’1 Guard (Resada, CA)
4. Bryce Zephir 4’7 Guard (Carson City, CA)
5. Myles Franklin 5’5 Guard (Brea, CA)
6. Tony Hall 5’1 Guard (Victorville, CA)
7. Lamelo Ball 4’10 Guard (Chino Hills, CA)
8. Myles Johnson 5’9 Forward (Long Beach, CA)
9. Jaden Washington 5’0 Guard (Cerritos, CA)
10. Tane Shedgewick 4’11 Guard (Plantenic, CA)