Monday, November 22, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #11

Hello Basketball World. Its your boy "Baby J-Kidd". This week was about learning things from the sideline. Monday Team Final had our 2nd play-off game. We fought hard the whole game and were up by 2 in closing minutes. But, a couple of mistakes cost us the game by 6 in OT. During the game I injured my ankle. I went to the hospital Tuesday and found out I had a torn ligament. I was on crutches the rest of the week. Wednesday, I just stayed in the house and watched D-ROSE put in work though they lost to the Spurs. Thursday I stayed after school to watch my teammates practice. I always have to show support even when I can't practice or play. Friday, I stayed after school and watched LCA varsity go at Shipley in the scrimmage. We won 72-61. Shout out to my old head John, he went to work. That night I stayed over my friend Malik Abbott house. We watched Russell Westbrook give Boston 31 without KD playing.

Saturday, Team Final had 2 games in Funsport. Even though I was off the crutches I couldn't play. So I did my thing from the bench, rooting my team on. The first game we played against NJ Pirates, we beat 60 to 35. We were playing the passing lanes and converting on the break. The second game we played Positive Force BG. We did the same we did in the first game. But, we spiced it up with a few dunk attempts. Sunday, I meet my mom side of the family that I didn’t know due to my grandfather passing away. I meet Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. My mom side is huge. My great grandmother had 13 children who gave her 80 grandchildren. It was fun to see more people who look like me. Until next week remember "When you’re not in the game that’s your chance to learn the game".

Stay tuned for more from Lamarr "Baby J-Kidd" Kimble.