Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #9

Whats good everyone?

This is “The General” checking in with another week of my life.

In the beginning of the week I had tons of homework in all my classes so I had to take care of that before any basketball. I thought I had school practice, but then found out that it doesn’t start until next week. I was disappointed, but worked out with my Dad instead. We worked on form shooting, floaters, and foul shots, which I need to make when it comes crunch time in the 4th quarter. I love shooting and playing with my dad ‘cause he helps me a lot on my game and if I’m not shooting it right then he’ll break it down and tell me what’s wrong with it, then fix it. I can’t wait till that one-on-one when I beat him though! LOL

It was cool not having to wake up early on Thursday and Friday. I worked out by myself during the day. Sometimes I like shooting by myself because I get to think about the game, and picture defenders and try different moves. If my shot isn’t falling, I get to figure out whats wrong with it instead of my dad telling me. I also spent a lot of time hanging out with my Great Grandmother. We talked about a lot of stuff. I like talking to her because she lived during WWII, The Vietnam War, and The Beatles. I ask her a lot of questions and she does all the talking. She tells me stories about when she was a little girl and how different life was then.

Saturday was a big day in our house. It started with my Got Game practice, which I always look forward to. We had lots of energy and we went hard. Shout out to Owen Mcleod who is out for a little while due to a hip injury and Isaiah Stills who is sick right now. We only had 6 players so we ran our plays and at the end we played 3 on 3 working on the pick and roll game. I like doing that because it gives our big man Marcus and me a chance to work together. It’s important for us to get this ‘cause there are a lot of options off that and we can get buckets! After that we went to Union City to watch my little brother Marquis play in the parish basketball league. He played well, and the game was exciting as they won in overtime by 2. It was a little strange because I’m always the one playing in the nail-biting games, but today was Marquis’ day. After the game we stayed for Marquis’ practice then my other brother Marcellus had practice after that. During their practices my man Hallice Cooke came up to the gym and I got the chance to have a little workout with him. I like working and playing with him because his intensity level is always high and I love challenges. It was a full day of basketball for us.

On Sunday we had our final Zoo Crew regular season game against South Mountain Select. The South Mountain team played hard, but we just executed well. We were able to control the flow of the game and I found my scoring rhythm as well. I also had a lot of assists and even got a rebound or two. I like getting assists because it’s a good feeling knowing that you helped someone score a basket. Marquis also got in the game. He had a nice jumper in the paint over the big man, and the crowd went crazy! Now it’s playoffs, can’t wait!

Salute to ya,

Otis “ The General” Livingston Jr.