Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grand Finale 14U Blue Preview

Will Brooklyn Ballers Be The Last Team Standing?

The 14U Blue Division will feature some high level squads and should be wide open with no clear favorite. Take a look at some of the top teams that will be headed to Hoop Group Headquarters.

Grand Finale 14U Blue Preview

Brooklyn Ballers: The MDC champs are coming back for more hardware. They usually have a scrappy style and never die attitude. This time around they won’t have a chance to sneak up on anyone so they better be prepared.

JS Devils: Don’t be surprised if they are standing in the victory lane on Sunday evening. Jack Laffy is a developing wing while Shaun Belby and Luke O’Shaughnessy handle the backcourt duties. Remember where you heard it first.

Showtime All Stars: Ronshad Allen-Shabazz might be the top prospect in the division. This might be a good opportunity for this NC based squad to represent to the fullest.

Linden: One of the toughest squads around is ready for another street fight. Juwan Dolbrice and Kyle Phipps are always solid while Corey Ampey is developing into a good player. Don’t forget the outside shooting of Dontay Julius.

Abyssinian Church: Jaquan Hickmond is one of the top players in the Big Apple. This is AC’s first trip to the “Spotlight” and they said they are ready. I hope so because the competition is ready.

Team MVP: This group could be considered veterans and are definitely due for a “Spotlight” title. Herbie Ellis and Kevin Alexis should provide the leadership for this Capital City group.

Other Teams To Watch For:
VBC, Montgomery County, Hollis Biddies, T Town Ballers, Team Phenom, Philly Triple Threat.