Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #9

What's up everybody, it's the "Shoota". I had a really good one this week. First, my school was closed Monday and Tuesday there was a heating problem. I was suppose to have a social studies test on Monday, so the test was changed to Wednesday, that was cool because it gave me two more days to study. On Wednesday we were ready to take our test and my teacher surprised everybody and said it's an open book test. We didn't get them back yet but I know I got an A. The rest of my week at school was smooth.

Monday night we got a chance to play Camden Catholic again, we only had five players for the game, but everybody was focused. My boy "Fresh" put the game out of reach at the end with four straight floaters, I'm not sure what the score was, but I know it was more than 15 though. Roman Catholic was there checking some of our players out, it was a good game for them to watch because everybody played good offensively and we got done on the defensive end.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I worked out at TCA, we did strength training and a lot of conditioning drills, we didn't get a chance to do anything else so I went to the local Y to get my shots up and work on my ball handling. On Friday at TCA after our conditioning drills we scrimmaged, it was physical and really competitive; I like those kind of games.

Saturday the regular season started at Funsport in Brooklyn. We only had four players available, so we picked up one our players from the Team Final family, shout out to Tyrus Battle for helping out and holding his own. We won both games, and in the process I picked up another name "Mr. Nice". I was hyped after that...lol.

Sunday my school team had our first game, we played against TCA's middle school, from what I heard they were talking all week about blowing us out. We won by 25. Nuff said!!.....I had a chance to dunk in this game, but I missed, my dad said I tried to dunk it too hard that's why it hit the back of the rim.

Catch me next week!!
"Mr. Nice"