Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nike Challenge Camp Day 2: 7th Graders Shine (Class 2016)

Christian Juzang Stood Out On Day 2

Basketball Spotlight was on hand again for Day 2 of the Nike Challenge Camp in Los Angeles, California. Here’s a look at some of the 7th Graders that caught our eye on Day 2.

Day 2 Top Performers (Class Of 2016)

Christian Juzang Guard (Tarzana, CA)- Juzang dominated the competition on Day 2 in this group. His size allowed him to see over the defense but his ball handling and ability to make plays really stood out. On several occasions Christian snatched the defensive rebound and pushed the rock gracefully up the floor before finishing himself or hitting teammates. He was a one man fast break. He has a tremendous feel for the game.

Darren Dixon Guard (Los Angeles, CA)- Dixon had one goal which was getting to the tin. He used a slick handle including a crisp crossover to open the lane and used his strength to finish after driving. In transition he used these same attributes to flourish.

Colin Slater Guard (Fresno, CA)- Most ball handlers feared matching up with this kid. Slater was relentless on the defensive end moving his feet and staying low while guarding the pill. On offense he was a drive and kick machine with the capability of squeezing in a layup or two.

Dylan Horn Guard (Malibu, CA)- The winner of the shooting competition also played he games with some fire. He wasn’t the most athletic guard there but he made up for it by showing a good basketball IQ and a great ratchet. He seems to understand angles and positioning at this young age.

Joshua Caston Guard (Burbank, CA)- Caston made it to the finals of the shooting competition. He loves killing opponents with his mid range jumper or floater similar to Mike Bibby. He has a crafty handle and good court vision. He also is very fundamentally sound.

Sean Morriesey Forward (Hunting Beach, CA)- Morriesey played the forward spot well. He cashed in by moving well without the rock and hitting the offensive glass. There wasn’t much size in the age bracket and Morriesey took full advantage.

Basketball Spotlight will be bringing more profiles, analysis and rankings from the Nike Challenge Camp which is turning into the premier West Coast Event.