Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Blair "Fresh" Howard (CBC) Entry #3

What’s good everybody? This is your boy “Fresh” and this weekend was good for me. Saturday I went to the recreation center up the street from were I live to play basketball. I did good playing with high school guys. One game I actually had 37 points and it felt great. At the recreation center it is just pick- up games but they keep stat sheets and a shot clock to keep the time. After that I went home and took the hottest bath ever because I was mad sore. For the rest of the day I just chilled and watch ma boy KD and B-ROY go at it. Sunday I went to ma boy Kahlil Dukes’ house because we go to the same school. So we just chilled, ate pizza and went on you tube. We were comparing each others favorite high school player to see who was better.

Besides that I been having a few problems in school that’s why I couldn’t make it to the Adidas camp last weekend, but I bounced back from it, so now everything is gravy…. LOL!!! For the rest of this week I am going to the Boys and Girls club so I can chill with my coach and help workout the little kids. My grades in school have to be picked up in two classes (Spanish and English) but besides that I’m doing ok. I get distracted at times and lose focus. In terms of basketball I am mostly working on my strength and my IQ which is my weakness. If I want to be dominant on the next level I have to go harder than anyone else. Also if I want to win the POY trophy I have to work out 24/7 day and night.

But until then, word of advice for the younger ballers that want to make it, “stay humble and stay focused”. Aight ya’ll Imma keep you posted for next week!!!

“FRESH” out!!!