Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #10

What's happenin'?

It's "The General" again, back at you with another week of ballin' and school. I got my last two quizzes of the marking period back this week. I got a 93 on my Math quiz and a 95 on my Spanish quiz. I'm happy that I finished the quarter strong. My school practices went well. I think that my team is going to be even better this year because we are experienced and we work hard. I can't wait until we start having games. I got a lot of shots up with my Dad during my brother's practice, but by the end of the week my knees and achilles were bothering me so I took a couple of days off and rested. It gave me a chance to read a lot. I read my book, The Last Hero, by Rick Riordan. You might find it geeky or weird, but I'm into the Greek mythology books. You know I was in the building when, "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief" came out. LOL! I also hung out with my boys Austin Goodluck, Azzur Taylor, and Omari Dill-Pettiford. On Fridays we always chill at our local pizzeria.

On Saturday and Sunday Got Game was in a 15u tournament at Wayne PAL. The first game we lost by 4. We had a lead, but we made some mistakes and they capitalized on them and beat us. I was disappointed because we could have beat that team, but we didn't earn it that day. On Sunday we bounced back and beat Wayne Wolf pack by a lot. Everyone was hitting their shots and we were flowing as a team. Shout out to Ashton and Lateef who helped us out when we were down a couple of players. We ended up finishing 2nd in our pool and had to play the 2nd place finisher in the other pool, which was St. Michaels (formerly Triple Threat). I was hoping to play them all weekend and I was happy it worked out that way. We got out on them early and just ran our plays and executed. They made it tough though because they make you work hard for every basket. It was a spirited game because I know so many of the players (both my brothers play for the St. Michaels program), but we were able to maintain our lead. What I am most proud of though is that we held them to 40 points. My Dad always tells me that defense is what wins games. He was right... again.

Until next week,

The General

P.S. My brothers played in the same Wayne tournament. KiKi's team played 11u and they played hard. They didn't win any games, but it was their first time out and they were playing older teams. Marcellus' team played well. They went 2 and 1. In their second game Marcellus had 8 threes! Good job boys!