Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nike Challenge Camp Recap Day 1

Tyler Dorsey (Pasadena, CA)

Basketball Spotlight traveled to Los Angeles, California for the Nike Challenge Camp. Today the campers did a lot of drill work but I did get to analyze a little while they had a 1 on 1 competition. Here’s a breakdown of who impressed us today.

Cal Supreme Nike Challenge Camp Day 1

Tyler Dorsey Guard (Pasadena, CA)- It’s been a while since I saw Dorsey in action so I was a little anxious. The 6’4 guard didn’t disappoint has he showed me how much his game has matured. Tyler used the jab step, step back and feathery jumper to knock several opponents out. It was almost unfair for some of the players trying to guard him. He definitely has a high school ready game already.

Darius Henderson Guard (Los Angeles, CA)- Henderson matched up with in the finals. On his way there he used a quick first step and release to score buckets over outstretched defenders. Against Dorsey he played good defense but had a hard time getting a clean look over Tyler’s wiry frame.

Derryck Thornton Guard (Simi Valley, CA)- Thornton still is at quick and able to get past most defenders. I noticed that he has raised the release on his jump shot which is a step in the right direction. Now he needs to just keep working hard.

Marcus Harris Guard (Oakland, CA)- Harris specializes in using the spin move. He gets defenders on his hip as he drives the lane to the left then spins back to the right to finish. On this level he is strong enough to get that off but has he gets older he will need to add a little more to his arsenal.

Tyler Burch Forward (Fountain Valley, CA)- Burch has the ability to create his own shot which is good on any level. He uses crafty moves and a lengthy wing span to make this happen. He does need to get more physical in his play. He tends to shy away from the physical contact.

Mason Shepard Forward (Santa Monica, CA)- Sheppard is making an attempt to transition to the wing and he should arrive in the near future. His strong upper body enables him to move defenders when charging the basket. He stands about 6’6 so he’s comfortable in the paint. I haven’t seen his outside shot so I will evaluate that later.

Damon Harge Guard (Mountain House, CA)- I got a chance to watch the Youtube sensation and he definitely handles the pill like a yo yo. He kept defenders reaching and losing balance with crisp dribbles and mean up fakes. He made it to the finals.

Christian Ellis Guard (Tracy, CA)- The southpaw powered his way to the cup during this competition. He’s very strong for this age and lowers his shoulder to get defenders out his way.