Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tri State Invitational Day 1 Top Performers: 14U Division

Cameron Walker (ABA Cobras)

Day 1 of the Tri-State Invitational and it gave us a chance to watch some new players and familiar faces. Here’s a look at who stood out in the 14U Division.

14U Top Performers Day 1

Cameron Walker Forward (ABA Cobras)- Walker was by far the best post player in the building. He carved the defense down low Kevin McHale style with sharp post moves and a feathery touch. On defense he was a force on the glass and got his share of blocks. I do believe on the high school level will have to dance on the perimeter to get high looks.

Jo Jo Cooper Guard (Delaware PAL)- Cooper is highly touted as a DE prospect and he does have some tools. He has the swagger and court presence of a big time prospect and shows flashes on the floor. He has a strong frame and the type of game that catches anyone attention. He definitely had some good moments in his team’s loss.

Seiquann Kearney Guard (Team Rebels)- Kearney was the best athlete in the gym. He hit the boards on both ends and was an offensive killer along the baseline. My only concern is that he appears to be stuck at his current height thus he needs to develop his guard decision making and outside shot.

Mikey Dixon Guard (Team Rebels)- Dixon had a good first game and showed some promise in the second contest. He isn’t afraid to take the big shot and shows a lot of grit on the floor. He plays bigger than his size.

Ray Lawry Guard (Team Rebels)- Yes the picture is correct Lawry now rocks with TR. I must say today he looked comfortable stroking the pill though his percentage wasn’t high. His rugged style fits in with this crew.

Louis Forman Guard (DNB)- Forman has a running back build but has some point guard skills. Louis likes to look for his own shot by thrusting through the lane tossing up floaters. His strength is definitely an asset.

Collin Moore Guard (DNB)- I like the wingspan on this guard. His stretches out win finishing off plays. From the perimeter he does need some fine tuning but he can get a clean look when he wants. He could be a late bloomer.