Sunday, June 13, 2010

One On One Feat. Nwanacho Nwana (NYC Gauchos)

Paul Suber returned to bring the Gauchos 12U team back to the thick of things. One of his first major acquisitions was Nwanacho Nwana from Westchester, NY. Nwana is a strong forward that has the chance to become a perimeter guard in the near future. We got a chance to holler at “Nacho” After his MDC game and here’s our One On One.

One On One

BS: What school do you attend?
NN: Good Counsel Academy.

BS: Who is your favorite player?
NN: Kevin Garnett because he’s strong and very versatile.

BS: What’s the strongest part of your game?
NN: My strength and playing inside.

BS: What part of your game needs the most work?
NN: My perimeter game and outside shot.

BS: What’s your best game so far?
NN: When I scored 35 points against Iona, New Rochelle.

BS: How was your first Basketball Spotlight experience?
NN: It was great because there were some of the best teams in the country here.

BS: If you could dinner with one person who would you select?
NN: My dad because he motivates me to get better every time I step on the court.