Monday, June 14, 2010

MIT Results To Impact Upcoming Rankings

#4 Youth Interlock Won The MIT!

Basketball Spotlight Top 10 Rankings next month will likely be greatly affected by the MIT results. Some of the top teams in our region represented well down there. Here’s a breakdown of who did what at each age group.

14 and Under Division

#4 Youth Interlock: YI ran through the tourney while taking home the Gold Prize. Expect a bump up for this group and they seem to be flourishing at the right time. At times they can look like a buzz saw.

13 and Under Division

#4 KYDA: This group proved once again that they are a force to be reckon with making to the Final Four. I told you guys they seem to be a more balanced group right now. Keep an eye on them come nationals time.

#6 Richmond Phenom: RP also showed they are an experienced group by also making it to the Final Four. They are use to finishing among the elite at the nationals so their experience might pay off again this year.

12 and Under Division

#2 DC Assault (Clark): They made it to the semifinals before falling to DC Assault (Gorham). Once again they were close but no cigar. You might see them at one more event before nationals.

#4 New Heights: A Final Four appearance should bump them up a spot. They seem to give KSK the best games each time out. Rakym Felder continues to make his case for Player Of The Year.

#5 King Street Kings: This group might get the biggest bump after capturing the crown. Word from the circuit is that they might have one of the best teams ever assembled. Time will tell but I’ve seen some good ones in my tenure like the Long Island Lightning team that won two national titles.

#8 DC Assault (Gorham): They made it to the finals so I’m sure my man “Showtime” Moore was back from injury. I told you guys they are a totally different team when he is rocking. A move up is certain.

11 and Under Division

#1 Team Battle: TB proved they can hang on the road after making it to the final four at this huge event. They got their revenge against #4 Maryland Panthers in pool play.

#4 Maryland Panthers: The MDC champs won the Silver Division title. They have a strong bunch and should make a lot of noise in Cocoa Beach.

#5 Team Nelson: They fell to the Maryland Panthers in the finals of the Silver Division. They’ve been getting very busy lately and I like what I see from this group.