Monday, June 14, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #23

Hello Basketball World,

This past couple of weeks have been bitter sweet for me. On a positive note, I graduated from the 8th grade. Which was great an achievement for me, knowing how hard I’ve worked in the classroom to get to this point, especially at a prestigious academic school like the one I attended, it made it that much better. Unfortunately, Two Thursday’s ago I was playing in a HS Summer League game and I came down on my ankle the wrong way. At first, the ER doctor said it was a sprain, and gave me a cast. Then after an MRI with the sports doctor, I was told I tore a ligament in my ankle. In all, I definitely learned my lesson, for the longest my coach and dad have been telling me to wear ankle braces. If I had them on when this happened, I probably would’ve lessoned the severity of this injury. When I was told I had 3 extra weeks out, I was devastated, thought my summer was done right there. With rehab for the next three weeks and if the next MRI is positive I can get back. Worse case scenario if the MRI in three weeks is negative I would need surgery on my ankle, but I try to stay positive. This injury is also frustrating because of all the tournaments I miss and Adidas Phenom Camp. Missing the camp is terrible; I really looked forward to going away to Cali and seeing how I rank against the top 150 players throughout the country.

I missed tournaments in West VA, B More, Vegas and HS Summer League. Summer League also hurts because it gives me a chance to play against varsity competition for next years high school season, putting myself in a position to make varsity which is one of my upcoming goals. As of now, or for the next three weeks it will just be physical therapy and rehabbing so I can get back. However, I can and will be working on my body and things that do not involve my ankle to stay in shape. This past weekend I went to our tournament at Rebounds in Neptune to support my team. They lost in the championship, while I was watching it reminded me of how much I miss the game and cant wait to get back onto the hardwood.

I’ll be back, “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” –Alonzo Mourning