Saturday, June 19, 2010

AGame Super Shootout Day 1: Top Performers Part 1

Malik Ellison (Team Final)

The AGame Super Shootout kicked off this morning in Pottstown, PA and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top performers from Day 1.

Top Performers Day 1


Malik Ellison Guard (Team Final)- Ellison was on his game today. He appears to be moving quicker and with increased explosion. He created opportunities in the lane and drained the open jumper including the pull up. His confidence seems to be very high right now and it’s showing on the floor.

Trevaughn Wilkerson Forward (Team Final)- Wilkerson drop a few pounds and now his quicker and leaps higher. His post moves continue to improve and he looks very impressive running the floor. He even did a post up fade away Olajuwon style. He just continues to get better.

Shawn Alston Forward (Team Final)- The lanky forward was a good pickup for this bunch. His long arms caused problems in the passing lane and allow him to help out on the glass. If he continues to grow he could be a budding prospect.

12U Division

Rahiem Burnett Guard (Flash Basketball)- This was my first look at Burnett and he could probably dribble through a key hole. This kid has much shake and bake in his game. He uses multiple moves to set up defenders and I love his drop off skills. When he doesn’t waste dribbles playing with the defender he looks even better.

Khalir Johnson Forward (Flash Basketball)-Johnson is still developing but he’s very tough to handle on this level. He controlled the glass and punched several shots away. If his skills catch up with his size soon you better watch out.

Jabri McCall Guard (Flash Basketball)- McCall is just too athletic and had too much bounce for his opponents. In the open floor he jetted pass defenders like a blur and in the half court set he knifed through the lane for buckets.

Cameron Reddish Guard (Mid County Basketball)- Reddish was a good look for his team as they struggled. He attacked the cup relentlessly and converted some tough buckets. I like his passion and overall feel for the game.