Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hoop Group Jr. Elite Weekend Recap

The Hoop Group Jr. Elite Weekend at the Hoop Group Skills Camp in Stroudsburg PA featured over 100 of the top players throughout the East Coast. Players from a total of 7 different states made the trip to the Poconos for this prestigious event including some youngsters that traveled over 500 miles for the event. Jr. Elite was filled with many familiar faces as well as some new ones that made a name for themselves on grassroots basketball’s biggest stage. Competition throughout the weekend was played at a very high level and players had the opportunity to learn from a staff that included high school head coaches as well as college assistant coaches.

Without further ado, here are the Jr. Elite Weekend 1st and 2nd Teams

6th & 7th Grade Division

1st Team
 Tyler Bourne – Coney Island, NY
 Adam Perry – Westampton, NJ
 Kobe Gantz – Lancaster, PA
 Donald Flores – Brooklyn, NY
 Andre Williams – Brooklyn, NY

2nd Team
 Anthony Gibbs – Staten Island, NY
 Romello Ford – Staten Island, NY
 Michael Cole – Brooklyn, NY
 Deondre Bourne- Brooklyn, NY
 Brendan Ruby – Mount Holly, NJ

M.V.P. – Tyler Jones – Lawrenceville, NJ
M.I.P. – Andrew Hetherington – Toronto, Ontario
Top Newcomer Award: Kobe Gantz – Lancaster, PA

8th & 9th Grade Division

1st Team
 CJ Jack – Reading, PA
 Ishmael Sanogo- Newark, NJ
 Shawn Jones – Bronx, NY
 Zach Radz – Waterlivet, NY
 Billy Clark – Brooklyn, NY

2nd Team
 Carlos Balkcom – Harrisburg, PA
 Bobby Casey – Scranton, PA
 Justin Zajko – Allentown PA
 Connor Panzner – Bayport, NY
 JD Levine – New York, NY

Jerron Love-Bronx, NY
Aaron Edmead- Deer Park, NY

Isiah Taylor – Lawrenceville, NJ

Top Newcomer Award – C.J. Jack – Reading, PA