Friday, June 11, 2010

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10: Presented By AGame Apparel

The 12U Division is a real tough call. There’s a lot of parity among the top teams. Here’s our 12U Top 10 teams in the region. Remember this is only our opinion and should be taking as such.

Basketball Spotlight 12U Top 10 Presented By AGame Apparel

1. Team Battle: TB stumbled in the semifinals of the states losing in overtime to NJ Got Game. Since then they made it to the finals of the DC Assault Tourney and won the MDC. At the MDC they seemed to be clicking on all cylinders.

2. DC Assault (Clark): For some reason I think this team has a good national run left in them. They made it to the final four of their tourney then finished runner up at our big dance. Don’t sleep on them in Virginia Beach.

3. F.A.C.E.S: The Newark based squad storm through Springfield, Mass. over Memorial Day weekend and came back with the crown. They always seem to be in the thick of things.

4. New Heights NYC: The Metropolitan Champs look real good when they are on. They made it to the quarterfinals of the DC Assault tourney before winning their AAU Regionals. They are such an explosive squad at times.

5. King Street Kings: KSK won the NJ State crown and have received rave reviews about their size. A little better strength of schedule would have propelled them into the Top 3.

6. MABC: This is a squad no one wants to see right now. They have one of the top players in the region and he’s capable of beating a team single handed. They made it to the final four of the MDC after winning the AGame Tourney.

7. NJ Got Game: NJGG leads the region in second place finishes and would have benefitted from a little better strength of schedule. They should get tested well this weekend at the MIT.

8. DC Assault (Gorham): I really feel that if “Showtime” Moore would not have went down with an ankle injury this squad would be a few spots up. They are just a totally different team without his services.

9. Team Scan: This group has some talented pieces and battled hard all year. They need a significant crown to move up in the rankings.

10. CT Elite: A final four run at the MDC proved this squad can hang. I think
they need one more scoring punch to make some noise at the Nationals.

Honorable Mention: Philly Triple Threat, Annadale Bulldogs, NYC Gauchos, Long Island Lightning