Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Showcase Early Entry List: Class 2015

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase is shaping up to be the event of the summer. The top players from the Class of 2015 and 2016 will hit the hardwood on separate Saturday’s to improve their own reps. This event will be closed after the first 80 participants register. Here’s a look at some of the early entries for the Class of 2015. Contact Mike Melton at basketballspotlight@hotmail.com before registering.

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Class 2015 Participants (This is not a ranking just the player listing).

1. Perry Dozier (Columbia Slammers)
2. Trevaughn Wilkerson (Team Final)
3. Malik Ellison (Team Final)
4. Lamar Kimble (Team Final)
5. Zach Reeves (Showtime Ballers)

6. Zachery Torres (NJ Pirates)
7. Jordan Taylor (Penn Jersey)
8. Trey Lowe (NJ Got Game)
9. Mikeil Watkins (Showtime All Stars)
10. Di-Antr'e James (Showtime All Stars)
11. Ki-Antr'e James (Showtime All Stars)
12. Ronshad Allen-Shabazz (Showtime All Stars)
13. Don Singletary (Showtime All Stars)
14. Jaylin Price (Showtime All Stars)
15. Darius Simmons (Showtime All Stars)
16. Jared Joyner (Showtime All Stars)

17. Malcolm Manning (NJ Select Stars)
18. Tavon White (Team Rebels)
19. Mikey Dixon (Team Rebels)
20. Jamal Hunt (Team Rebels)
21. Saiquann Kearney (Team Rebels)
22. Ray Lawry (Team Rebels)
23. Daye'shon Barnes (Team Rebels)
24. Jahmi Bailey (Team Rebels)

25. Otis Livingston (NJ Got Game)
26. Emmanuel Irom (Showtime All Stars)
27. Tre Fowler (Shwotime All Stars)

28. John Middleton (Team Rebels)
29. Horace Spencer (Montgomery County)
30. Johnny Parker (Montgomery County)
31. Darryl Caldwell (Monygomery County)
32. Shaun Belbey (JS Devils)
33. Isaiah Jennings (Philly Assault)
34. Josh Sharkey (Philly Triple Threat)
35. Akeem King (Philly Triple Threat)
36. Jason Clark (Philly Triple Threat)