Monday, June 21, 2010

Clash Of The Titans Battle: Kahari Beaufort vs. Levy Gillespie! Who Won? Cast Your Vote!

Earlier this year Kahari Beauford and Levy Gillespie did battle in a travel team game. Both prospects are considered among the best in the New England area. Basketball Spotlight received this elusive footage and would like you to vote on who’s the best. We will post a poll in the right column as well as the video in case you need to review it again.

Tale Of The Tape

Kahari Beauford 6’3 Guard: Beauford is a scoring machine that has a Carmelo Anthony type game because of his size and ability to get a clean look. He has a scorer’s mentality and a basketball expert respects a player that can get a clean look at anytime.

Levy Gillespie 5’10 Guard: Levy nickname is “Skates” I guess because the way he handles the pill. Gillespie is a guard that pats the rock with the best of them. He gets into the lane with ease and can nail the trey.

All Right Case Your Vote On The Right!