Monday, June 7, 2010

Gotham Hoops: MDC 12U Report

Caesar Adim (MABC)

By Jeremy Bauman (Gotham Hoops)

Gotham Hoops joined in for the coverage of the MDC. This is a young group fresh on the scene that decided to give the young boys some love. Here’s a look at their 12U Report.

Below are Player Reviews from the 12U age group:

Ceasar Adim F MABC (Boston): Adim was a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the floor. He did everything he could to keep his team, MABC, in games. Adim battled hard for position on defense in the post, boxed out hard, and showed he was capable of dribbling the ball up the floor upon securing a rebound+. On offense, the forward moved well without the ball in the paint and showed that he can take opposing big men off the dribble with his frightening combination of speed, power and agility. Adim has a high ceiling going forward.

Kasahn Morgan PG KBR Raptors: Operating the team comes naturally to this talented left-handed lead guard. Morgan showcased his ability to play at different speeds, which threw defenders off balance on multiple occasions. This led to easy opportunities for his team. Once he by his defender, Morgan consistently made the correct pass to his teammates and showed an innate feeling of how to get his team involved. When switching gears and deciding to score, Morgan did a fine job of finishing in the lane.

Tyus Battle (pictured above) PG Team Battle: With excellent size and a superb understanding of the game, Battle is a great asset to have on the floor. He has advanced ball-handling skills for a player his age. Battle uses his length to his advantage while on the floor. With added polish to his offensive repertoire, Battle can become a dangerous athlete on the court.

Jamir Harris F Team Battle: Without tremendous size, Harris proved to have the best footwork for a big man that we saw. Harris made his presence felt under the boards while obtaining superb position in the low-post. He was strong going to the rim and was connected on several three-pointers as well. With an improved ball-handling technique, Harris could become an ideal small forward.

Darius Gillon PF/C Team Battle: Gillon’s size was a main factor for Team Battle. He was a force on the boards on both ends while finishing the majority of his shot attempts around the basket. Gillon’s size is an attribute that will separate him from his peers as time goes on.

Jermaine Nelson F Long Island Lightning: Nelson understood how to use his long body extremely well this past weekend. He closed out and challenged shots consistently on the defensive end. Nelson ran the floor and passed the ball well. What stood out on offense was his pure-instinct for finishing shots around the rim. The lanky forward proved he could finish with contact on many occasions. Nelson is another player who showed an advanced shooting form for his age.

Cori Johnson C Long Island Lightning: Johnson patrolled the painted area on both ends. The big man showed a solid understanding of how to move without the ball on offense. Johnson finished plays around the rim and demonstrated confidence in his game while on the floor.

Jamal Allen G MABC (Boston): Allen sparked his team in the half court as well as on the fast break and by taking defenders off the dribble regularly. The guard showed strong play-making abilities and used ball fakes to allude defenders.

Cameron Winston SF Long Island Lightning: The small forward played with great awareness and activity on both ends of the floor, but especially on defense. Winston attacked the rim well and drew fouls frequently. He isn’t afraid to pull up on a defender. With some refinement in his form, Winston’s pull-up game should be more polished. Winston displayed a great basketball IQ while playing with a high-motor.