Sunday, June 27, 2010

CB Spiders Tournament Top Performers Day 2: 11 And Under

Ty-Shon Alexander (CB Spiders)

On Day 2 of the CB Spiders Tournament we decided to take a look into the 11U Division for out Top Performers. Here’s a look at some of the top 5th Graders that impressed us today.

Top Performers Day 2

Ty-Shon Alexander Guard (CB Spiders)- Alexander put in work during the quarters and the semifinals. He has the ability to take over the game at any time by scoring in bunches from different spots on the floor. In the semifinals he nailed a big trey to help his team tie the game and go on to victory. He will hit the boards occasionally or score in traffic. He has a natural feel for the game.

Zachery Butler Guard (CB Spiders)- Butler had some tough luck in terms of converting but he played ball hawking defense. He got a hand full of steals and even looked good pushing the pill. I can see that this kid has good guard skills.

Jason Cascen Forward (Queen City Thunder)- Cascen is a load inside but moves well for his size. He led his team in scoring and probably would have topped 20 points if he didn’t miss a few chippies. His strong stature is definitely a factor on this level.

Tarique Stowe Guard (Queen City Thunder)- Stowe played solid defense and pushed the rock in transition. His team was behind big early and Tarique’s play helped them make it respectable. He goes hard buzzer to buzzer.

TJ Talley Guard (Queen City Thunder)- Talley got his offense going in the 4 quarter to close the gap a little. I like his high arching shots and his quickness when driving the lane. TJ is a guard that plays with a lot of passion.

Jordan Perkins Guard (Greensboro Warriors)- Perkins was one of the purest shooters in the tournament. He catches and shoots the rock with quickness while showing great accuracy. This kid’s range is when he walks in the gym.

Tim Baten Forward (CBA)- The big lefty played hard inside and even showed a little touch on his bank shot. He just started playing the sport but seems like a quick learner and hard worker.

Justin Freeman Guard (CBA)- Freeman left before I got a chance to get his photo but I remember his game. The point guard handles the pill strong with either hand and uses a variety of moves to shake defenders. He has some special talent.

Alex Reed Guard (NC Rising Prospects)- Reed used his strength to power his way to the bucket. He attacked along the baseline and used the glass to get money. Right now he plays a forward position for this squad but will eventually become a point guard.

Thomas Allen Guard (NC Rising Prospects)- Right now Allen runs the show for this bunch and does a good job. Thomas drove end to end in a blur and created opportunities for his squad. Down to the wire the CB Spiders had to fear his presence on the floor.

Thayer Thomas Guard (NC Rising Prospects)- Thomas is a good shooter and knows how protect the rock when dribbling. He made things close and stretched the defense with his outside shooting. He can hurt you in the midrange area or behind the arc.