Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Exclusive: Ashton Gibbs Speaks To The Youth

Ashton Gibbs was one of the first young basketball phenoms that I ever wrote about. Back then Gibbs was an aggressive 7th Grader breaking ankles at the Metro Hoop Showcases. Ashton went on to star in high school at Seton Hall Prep helping his team win 3 state crowns. Currently he’s the go to guy at Pittsburgh while making the All Big East Team. We reached out to Gibbs to give the young players some insight on transforming from a young phenom to a college basketball star.

Here’s our interview!

BS: When was the first time you appeared on a basketball website?
AG: I was about in 6th or 7th Grade and I was on Metro Hoops and Nycnjhoops.

BS: How did it make you feel?
AG: It felt great because it feels good to get noticed.

BS: How did you stay focused after the attention?
AG: Well my parents didn’t let it go to my head. They reminded me that I needed to work harder to stay on top.

BS: What kind of advice can you give the young players that get attention on websites like Basketball Spotlight?
AG: They need to work hard because most players level off. The players that might not get the attention now will probably get better and hungrier. If they don’t keep working those hungry players will then pass them.

BS: What was your greatest grammar school memory?
AG: Well I miss the entire AAU scene. We traveled all around the country and played good teams. When you are sitting in your college dorm you kind of miss that.

BS: What advice can you give them about high school?
AG: Make sure they take care of their academics first and work hard on their games. They need to make sure they are getting better every day. That means don’t skip days when you have to train.

BS: What about college?
AG: College is mainly time management. You have to manage your time and make good decisions. You have to know whether you should go to the party or stay home and study.

BS: How was your experience playing internationally for the USA?
AG: It was great. I played with some great players and getting to be coached by my own coach was a good opportunity.